Sign Language Classes & Workshops in New Hampshire

Have you ever wanted to learn American Sign Language (ASL)? Well now's your chance! The Teach Me Sign Language curriculum offers a variety of classes, workshops and even customized in-home lessons and tutoring.

Join the hundreds of students that have already started learning and using this beautiful language in fun, laid back, group environments.


About Classes and Workshops

Teach Me Sign Language offers a slew of fun and exciting classes; community, private, one on one, online, tutoring, family and so much more.  If you’re interested in learning American Sign Language you’ve come to the right place.  If we don’t have a class that fits your needs, we’ll make a customized plan for you .We also host workshops for people in medical, law enforcement and educational fields.  We take requests for workshops as well so don’t be shy. Visit our class options page to learn more about classes.

After completing a course or workshop certificates of completion are available upon request. If you have a specific question or request please feel free to let us know.

Teach Me Sign Language is a New Hampshire based business.  We have been teaching people sign language from all different walks of life since the Summer 2010.  Since the start we have been offering different types of classes in different locations and we hope to continue doing so.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “I loved my experience in Michelle’s class so much I’m on my third one! I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys small classes that are personal and almost one-on-one.”

    ~ Anonymous

  • “This cousrse was life changing and really pushed my interest in ASL. I cant get enough ASL because of this class.”

    ~ Anonymous

  • “A wonderful introductory class for ASL, as well as a very upbeat and inspiring instructor! It was far more than just learning signs.”

    ~ Debbie Jelley

  • “I have taken two courses so far and I plan on taking more. I have tried other on-line courses in the past and they do not even compare. I was amazed at how quickly I caught on and that I have actually retained so much. Michelle is knowledgable as well as fun!”

    ~ Deb Pratt

  • “Classes are fun, energetic and easy going while learning a ton of ASL.”

    ~ Robin Conley

  • “Really enjoyed this class. Michelle made it fun and kept it simple for beginners. Thanks!”

    ~ Bethen Conner

  • “I 100% recommend this course to anyone who has ever been curious about learning ASL. Great teacher, fun lessons, and an affordable way to learn sign language.”

    ~ Adam Wefers

  • “I really enjoyed my experience in Michelle’s class! Michelle was approachable and easy to work with; she was patient and worked hard to make everyone in the class feel comfortable and at ease. I came away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Deaf culture, as well as useful tools for communication and conversation. I feel more comfortable working and communicating with some of the non-verbal clients I work with.”

    ~ Winter Keeler

  • “I had a great experience taking Michelle’s ASL class. Her teaching style made it fun and entertaining, and having the language demonstrated gave me a much better grasp of the grammar and unique qualities of this language, such as facial expressions, than I got from looking up signs online or in book alone.”

    ~ Anonymous

Michelle MacNevin

Michelle is a 20-something year old and passionate about teaching American Sign Language.  She has been learning ASL since 2001 as a freshman in high school.  She started “Teach Me Sign Language” during the summer of 2010 and has been hosting fun and challenging classes ever since.